Armani on 5th Avenue


Fashion shot, Sambuca shot, shot, shot, shot. When one hears the name Armani, a house synonymous with Italian tradition, three F’s come to mind—fashion, food and well…you know. Armani 5th Avenue has found a way to seamlessly blend Armani’s Italian roots with a New York setting.

5th Avenue is one of the most well known streets in the world; juxtapose the classic elegance of the street and the ultramodern architecture of the building created by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, and you have the makings of greatness. This store marks the third time that Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas have teamed up with Armani. Each store is unique in its own way and the store on 5th Avenue may just be their greatest collaboration yet.

The store is comprised entirely of one open space; the thought behind the layout being one of fluidity, the idea that there are no boundaries keeping anyone out. This concept is reflected in the architecture of the building as well as the merchandise in the store. Armani 5th Avenue stays true to Italian principle of working your way from bottom to top.

The basement is Armani’s most casual area; here you will find Armani Jeans and EA7, Armani’s sportswear line. The higher up in the store you go, the higher the price tag. Social climbers will appreciate the ascent up the beautiful spiral staircase for its visual splendor and for what it means in relation to their social ranking. The staircase serves as the focal point of the store: made from rolled calendar steel, it connects all of the levels of Armani. On the ground level, visitors will find Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani collections. Ascend to the second floor and the more refined eveningwear and menswear collections can be seen through the staircase’s fluid, open lines.

It is the highest floor that puts Armani 5th Avenue at the top of the food chain…literally. Tucked away on the top level is Armani Ristorante, featuring Northern Italian cuisine that attracts its own loyal customer base apart from the store. Amber-colored filters illuminate one of the best views of 5th Avenue that can be seen from the restaurant. While climbing up to the restaurant, patrons are engulfed by a walkway of lighting, welcoming them to strut their stuff as if they were the stars of their own runway show.

Is there a better way to relax than with an Armani Martini, made with Grey Goose Pear Vodka, peach puree and topped with prosecco? Perhaps the Cotoletta Di Vitello, breaded veal chop Milanese? Or better yet, enjoy a glass of bourbon and venture down into the stores where the price tags won’t seem quite so bad…. The restaurant stays true to Armani’s heritage while paying homage to the store’s idea of opposites complimenting each other: by purchasing local ingredients, the restaurant brings New York and Italy together in harmony.

Armani 5th Avenue is unique in that it is the first store to have all Armani products represented in a single space. The juxtaposition between modernity and tradition are what makes this so special, both within the clothing and the architecture. From top to bottom, Armani 5th Avenue has created a high-end experience that people of all walks of life can enjoy, an atmosphere with a message that there are no boundaries- especially in fashion.

Photography by ADRIAN GAUT