Ida Klamborn

1. Ida Klamborn_KLA6180

Angular straight lines meet disruptively against soft curvatures amidst a bright, sophisticated color palette that creates a sharp, minimalist aesthetic suited to women of every age. Ida Klamborn’s Swedish heritage is evident in her designs simplicity and sophistication, earning her several awards and scholarships throughout her developing career.

Ida’s relatively fresh design career started off with remarkable promise, having graduated from the Swedish School of Textiles, her Bachelor of Arts degree collection earned her the Italian Fabric Award and resulted in her participation in Milan Fashion Week. In 2014 she received the Peroni Designer Collaborations as well as the Elle Award for Best Newcomer of the Year. Considering her first official showing for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm took place only last year for her Autumn Winter collection, Ida has managed to garner praise and rave reviews for her strong use of color contrasts and layered silhouettes.

Most recently, Ida showcased her Spring/Summer collection for this year, exposing on her audience a chic, unobtrusive collection that is supremely sophisticated in its modesty and understatement. Her garments define the idea that color, shape and texture are more than sufficient in causing heads to turn and earning jaw-dropping reactions. Crisp white and ivory set off a rich, earthy olive tone and, as the show progresses, mutates into brilliant shades of citrus and pink. Sharp, angular lines of a top set off the curve of a shirttail skirt covered in sequins—the more rare form of sequins that’s appropriate for daywear and miraculously manages to maintain subtlety. Ida also employs her creativity and role as a designer as a platform for making political statements. The artfully spray painted lily that makes an appearance as the collection progresses is a strong statement against racism in society.

Following her successes at Fashion Week in Stockhom, Ida has warranted a sizable crowd of fans among fashion as well as the music industry. Utilizing this momentum, Ida’s designs can be found in a new pop-up shop at Birger Jarlspassagen in Stockholm beginning early March of this year.

Reminiscent of the kind of refinement of a Hepburn’s aesthetic, both Katherine and Audrey, but with a clear modernity of design that transports classic garments to a point in time even beyond today. Ida’s designs are intended to and indeed do introduce an interacting trinity of color, shape and material.

Text by Jennifer Moulaison