Ann-Sofie Back

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The asymmetry in the way that a garment drapes effortlessly off the shoulder might be your first inclination as to what has earned designer Ann-Sofie ample recognition with dozens of awards and nominations, making her widely acknowledged for what is a prominent label for the intelligent, style conscious woman.

Born in 1971 in Stockholm, Ann-Sofie received a Bachelor of Arts from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and her Masters from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. While still finishing up her education at Central Saint Martins, Swedish ELLE named her Best newcomer in 1998 and it became clear very early on in her career that we could expect extraordinary things. Her career history includes interludes at H&M during her education when she worked as a print designer as well as womenswear designer for Acne, where she won one of her three Best Designer Awards from Swedish ELLE. More recently Ann-Sofie performs her role as director at the Cheap Monday denim label. And while distinguishing herself as a rising star among the most strikingly inventive designers, she cultivated BACK, one of Sweden’s most prominent designer brands intended to combine elements of interest and comfort for everyday wear by the modern woman.

After having seen the recent appearance of BACK’s collection at New York Fashion Week, onlookers can see a clear dedication to the unexpected through simplicity. A hemline of buttons that follows the length of a simple, knit dress is an example of what a subtle concept can become through meticulous execution and creative insight into what will look both effortlessly attractive and uncommon on the wearer. Those who have recognized this distinctive elegance includes names like Byoncé, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Chloe Sevigny. Perhaps the evident shock value of the unique designs that are taken to the extreme, even for a ready to wear line, is what draws in world-renowned women known for their willingness to take chances and garner attention. Details like safety pins at the ankle of trousers and skirts offer a unique quality to what would otherwise be a simple, well-constructed garment for comfort and everyday wear. Ann-Sofie also plays with silhouettes and garment lines to turn timeless styles on their ear and offer the exclusivity of what is increasingly recognized as her creative genius with roots in the Scandinavian aesthetics.

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Offered in a total of 18 countries worldwide and from sources like Asos and leading boutiques like Opening Ceremony in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, BACK can be obtained for the woman who isn’t afraid of acquiring the interest of onlookers through unique and striking ensembles that wear comfortably and stylishly. Maybe not for everyone to wear, seeing BACK’s designs offers inspiration for adventure and tenacity every woman needs.

Text by Jennifer Moulaison