Ass-Kicking Jeans from Italy

Written by Robyn Dutra
Photograph by Michael Greenberg

James Walley has been called “the King of Butt-Flattering Denim Design,” and his coronation has come after only a few short years since founding My Ass jeans in 2004. To say the “sexiest jeans in Europe” are made of premium denim merely hints at the true innovation of the line. With a remarkable understanding of fabric washes and construction, My Ass flatters a woman’s derriere like no other pair of jeans – fits better than Seven, washes better than Diesel, sexier than Miss Sixty.

My Ass has quickly become the choice of denim connoisseurs at home and abroad. Provocative in more than just name, My Ass launched with “The Executive Suite,” a collection presented in a seedy motel where guests sat on beds in designated rooms and waited for their personal lap dancer to enter and present them with My Ass.

Seven, New York City’s cutting-edge fashion boutique, is the exclusive stockist of My Ass in the States. Seven’s founder and buyer Joseph Quartana muses, “My Ass is from Italy, and already quite a hit in the U.K. My Ass is always nicely washed, looks great and we’ve already noticed that girls who check out My Ass prefer it. We felt we had to bring My Ass to New York and we think you’ll enjoy My Ass too.” Nothing is too cheeky for My Ass. In paying particular attention to what has proven to be the female consumer’s main concern over color, wash and treatment, how the jeans will look on her behind is Walley’s top, ah, bottom priority.

Walley recently teamed up with renowned Japanese artist Saburo Ito, collaborating on a collection that sold out in Europe’s most exclusive shops in a matter of days. Adding a “touch of weird to the party,” Walley says that Ito’s strange dark cartoon illustrations produced “a feast worthy of Sir John Holmes himself with buttoned bum flaps, Western-style jeans, stunning overalls and sexy stretch jeans.” Dedicated to the female butt, My Ass injects a healthy dose of humor into leveraging the line’s assets. As the brand explodes, becoming a fast favorite of stars like Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera and Sharon Stone, so does its latest ad campaign. Deemed too explicit for the mainstream press, its full content only ran in one publication, Pig magazine. So let’s just say, it really is all in My Ass.