Not bothering with haircuts and coloring, blow out salons are an emerging beauty trend. An affordable taste of luxury, women can walk in and pick out hairstyles from a menu while enjoying a coffee or afternoon spirit. The looks are simple, yet unattainable at home. Stylists employ a high-pressured hair dryer, a bit of handiwork, and a round brush to tame hair into any style. The trend is resonant of times when women frequented beauty parlors a couple times a week to have their hair styled. The result is a well-polished look that leaves you groomed for whatever may come your way.

Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, London
Situating itself in one the most ideal locations, Hershesons Brow Dry Bar is every girl’s fantasy. Located in the basement of London Topshop, the dry bar poses itself at the end of the road to the ultimate shopping experience. The textured wallpaper and modern luxuriousness of the dry bar summons shoppers downstairs with a fashion-forward menu. The hairstyles vary, as a girl can either choose from a simple, textured blowout to an edgy, punk rock up-do. All of which, the Hershesons team claims, can be completed in 30 minutes. The brilliant detail of this dry bar is no matter how simple or complicated the look, all blow outs are priced at £24. Hershesons offers its own name-brand beauty tools, complete with the teams’ brushes and flat irons used in their blow outs. Clients can also browse their wide array of top of the line human hair extensions, ranging from clip-in wig fringes (bangs) and long ponytails to Lady Gaga-esque hair bows. Make sure to make an appointment at the Hershesons’ Topshop location. With the attraction of a new outfit and a fashionable hairdo, the dry bar is bustling most hours.
Hershesons Blow Dry Bar,
Topshop, Oxford Circus, London.

The Drybar, San Francisco
Ex-public relations professional Alli Webb began a garage business in her Los Angeles home called Straight-at-Home. By referral-only, Webb’s at-home blow outs were so popular she had no choice but to give in to demand. Thus the Drybar was created, with an ideal in place: “No cuts. No color. Just blow outs for $35.” The Pacific Heights location is nestled along Fillmore Street among designer boutiques and delicious eateries. The blow out bar features a modern atmosphere that beckons first-timers with a bit of pampering. Prompted with a menu, as well as a cookie and a cup of coffee (or drink depending on the time of day), clients choose from a variety of styles ranging from a tousled, beachy Mai Tai to a sleek, stick- straight Manhattan. A great activity to precede an evening event or a birthday party for the younger mindset, the Drybar offers private parties for groups. A favorite practice among clients: brunch blow outs that find groups either “recuperating from a big night or just wanting to start the day off looking great.”
The Dry Bar, 1908 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115.

Blow, New York City
Located in New York City’s Meatpacking District, Blow has developed a cult following within city limits since opening back in 2005. Quickly following suit, Blow Dry Bar was reincarnated into Blow, a fully-functioning hair salon offering cut, color, and even a beauty academy to train stylists in the art the blow out. The brainchild of three industry experts, Stuart Sklar, Jennifer Denton, and Julie Flakstad, Blow is poised to give clients the ultimate beauty make over. Blow outs range from $40 to $60, depending on hair length. Clients can also add any other treatments on the separate menus: waxing, make-up, manicures, deep conditioning treatments, and even throw in cut or color. Blow now has its own range of products that clients can walk away with to try and achieve the same effect at home.The success of Blow evolved into a full treatment to prepare bridal parties, party girls, and other groups who want to enjoy a bit of indulgence. So book an appointment next time you’re in the NY area.
Blow, 342 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

TEXT BY Sara Iravani