Connecting Culture: Muzik


“You Can do 100% by yourself and get what you get, or you can talk to 100 people that do 2% and double your growth.” – Jason Hardi

Jason Hardi is the CEO and creative genius behind a technology company that creates disruptive products with first-class hardware and intuitive software. What do I mean by that? Have you ever pondered the idea that your headphones could do more than just transfer sound from your devices to your ears? What if they could create playlists for you, share your favorite songs on social media platforms, call your best friend on demand? Let’s go even bigger; what if your headphones could turn on your lights, lock your door, do everything your smartphone can do, and more? I will stop putting this into the context of a question. Jason Hardi’s most revolutionary product is a pair of headphones that does all of this and more. He calls them Muzik One. Jason says, “The Headphone has always been a chameleon, it’s time for it to shed its skin, and turn into something else.”

Muzik One is the smartphone of headphones. A headset device that interacts with social media, uses voice recognition to search and call, creates weekly playlists tailored to the user, and can even turn on the lights in your home in one touch. A labor of love, Jason calls them. I asked the CEO what his journey was like creating the product. “Difficult”, he said, “It was really hard getting people to believe in something that didn’t exist.” In fact, he gave up everything he had to bring Muzik One to life, because in human nature seeing is believing. Over 500 sketches and 40 prototypes later his hard work definitely paid off. Muzik One was picked up by the big times. Microsoft, who together with Muzik One, created the first open-source cross-platform software developer kit. Twitter partnered, along with Spotify and Facebook. Muzik One is the first and only collaboration with Spotify and a connected headphone. The device has won the CES Innovation Award 5 years in a row and in the first month of teaming up with Amazon and Best Buy, the device completely sold out with both sellers. Impressive in its accomplishments and perseverance, Muzik One is also a work of art. Now let’s get into the features and design.


Muzik One Headphones are the first device that empowers the user to enhance their preferred third party apps on their smart phone with their headphones. The four hot buttons on either side of the headphone give the user the ability to program in third party apps and connect to them with one touch. Share songs on Twitter and Facebook, customize playlists through Spotify and the Muzik One application. Muzik One pairs via Bluetooth and the Muzik One Connect Companion application. The application allows a connected listening experience all its own, giving users the controls to customize and personalize. The exterior of the Muzik One headphone uses aircraft aluminum metal and protein leather. The pads on each ear are interchangeable to give the user the most comfortable listening experience. Passive noise isolation cancels outside sound and allows for crystal clear high definition listening. 40mm drivers have an enhanced DSP which offers prime sound quality. The headphones come in three color options; black, silver and champagne. Jason says they plan to create customizable versions of the headphone, but want to listen to what users specifically want before they start making alternate colors and designs. Muzik One has made custom headphones for many sports players and celebrities so far, including Kevin Hart, Chris Paul, Demaryius Thomas, Drake and Travis Barker, to name a few. These celebrities and athletes have been heavy investors in the company and have not been paid one cent to promote it. Jason Hardi said “Each of these guys truly believe in the future of the company and I am honored to have them onboard. We are combining the best of the best, to bring the world the best of the best.”

Muzik One Headphones are the future of headphones. So innovative that the creators live in the future, working 2-3 years in advance and thinking 5-10 years in advance, always. Muzik One is combining music, fashion, art, culture and accessibility into one device. Jason Hardi says “The success of the company truly goes to the consumer and their belief in the product and giving feedback to Muzik One, allowing the company to continue to make the product the best that it can be for every user individually.” Someone told Muzik they wanted to be able to turn on their lights with the device, Muzik One made it happen. Another consumer wanted to stream live sports in one touch, Muzik One is now able to do that. “Without listening to consumer feedback, and constantly innovating based off of what people are telling us they want, how can we be the best for them? Muzik One will continue to learn and grow, innovate and create with its users, for its users.” The last thing I asked the CEO to do was sum up Muzik One in one word, to which he replied, “I can sum it up in two words, Connecting, Culture.”


Text by Trinity White