Dear Darling!

Guys out there who still haven’t decided what to give their significant other for the holidays, can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Victoria’s Secret Christmas Dreams & Fantasies Catalogue is here. And no excuses: for the more technically inclined, there’s also an iPad App for that.

Surely each and every item in the visually stimulating tome, such as the sheer pom-pom bedecked Santa’s Helper panty, would make a delightful gift. But the true jewel of the catalog, literally, is the Bombshell Fantasy Gift Set. For a mere $2.5 million dollars, your sweetheart can sport an elegant push-up bra and belt encrusted with a whopping 5,200 precious gems. (FYI, the set is scalable, though it may set you back a few extra bucks if your girlfriend is on the curvaceous side). It may seem pricey, but this piece is a bargain compared to the $15 million ruby and diamond, ‘Red Hot Fantasy,’ encrusted bra and panty set that Gisele Bündchen modeled for Victoria’s Secret back in 2000.

This year’s scintillating ensemble will be shown at the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show by Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio. “It’s such an honor,” says Ambrosio of wearing the piece, which she calls “a work of art.” Created by London Jewelers, the bra and belt sparkle with amethysts, sapphires, rubies, white, pink, and yellow diamonds set into rose and yellow gold. The floral motif is meant to be evocative of a “dreamy fantasy garden filled with vibrant colored flowers and heavenly Angels.” The bra’s diamond flower pins and its’ drop centerpiece featuring enormous 12.5 and 20 carat diamonds are removable in case the garment needs to be laundered, or if a more understated look is desired..

Since sometimes it’s not just the thought that counts, and if you’ve been extremely naughty this year, you may need to also spring for the matching Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance, a bargain at a mere $500K. Your honey may turn her nose up at Victoria’s Secret’s signature Bombshell Eau de Parfum, but she’ll surely appreciate- or at least look forward to dismantling and selling the blingtastic bottle. It’s covered in a multitude of precious stones including a 10 carat diamond and a one-of-a-kind hand-carved tourmaline butterfly.

Text by Karena Akhavein