Diesel Planet

In a city where nothing seems to faze its residents, Diesel’s newest and largest store opening created quite the stir amidst the bustling NYC streets. Imagine walking down 5th Ave, only to come across a store window in which mannequins have been replaced by humans and still-life scenes have transformed into animated dinner parties, the participants reveling as though in the comfort of their own homes. The cleverly staged public performances turned the streets into Diesel’s unwitting audience. Even amidst Fashion Week mayhem, Diesel’s week-long event grabbed the attention of every pedestrian that happened by, the snapshot happy tourist and jaded New Yorker alike. The themed exhibitions involved everyone from Ford models to ny socialites, to colorful club kids, like Richie Rich, and even a few of the ny Giants. Diesel extended their promotion beyond the glass of these surreal dining scenarios with a slew of mohawked men standing outside rousing innocent havoc on the streets while handing out pins, magnets and stickers. Street spectacle aside, it would be difficult to miss the grand three-story, 20,000 sq ft monument bearing Diesel’s signature Mohican head on the exterior. The 4th Diesel Planet to open its doors worldwide won’t have any trouble ushering us off the streets and through its doors.

— Natalie Shirinian & Michelle Peerali