With summer just around the corner, many designers are tapping their perfume departments to deliver the perfect floral concoction. Coffee beans on-hand, SOMA sits down to take a whiff of some of these new aromas.

Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum
There are few iconic names in fashion that are instantly recognizable as the epitome of style, class and elegance; Gucci is undoubtedly one of the select few that get to enjoy such a privilege. Unsurprisingly, Flora by Gucci is poised to become one of the new must-have fragrances. A classic floral scent with a timeless elegance, according to Gucci, Flora is a tribute to princesses throughout time. With the pedigree of the Flora brand dating back to Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco (Princess Grace designed the Flora scarf), the Flora scent captures a strong, feminine aura. A bouquet that includes citrus accord, peony, rose and sandalwood creates a floral scent that tailors itself to any season. The strong, symmetrical, hexagonal shape of the bottle is accented by a black bow, tied at the mouth of the bottle with small gold accents. Flora is a great investment that speaks to the scent of now, and is sure to become a classic.

La Vie En Rose by Viktor & Rolf
With Viktor & Rolf’s wildly successful Flowerbomb celebrating its fifth birthday, the fairytale-loving duo now present a new perfume: La Vie En Rose. A fresh take on the classic Flowerbomb, La Vie En Rose – French for “life through rose-colored glasses”– is the playful, carefree and more flirtatious younger sibling. Notes of tangerine, centifolia rose and lily of the valley are among a few characteristics that set it apart from the original. The scent is floral and exuberant, while still retaining its glamorous sophistication. In true Viktor & Rolf fashion, none of the glitz is lost when it comes to the design; a bright pastel pink bottle features a multifaceted design similar to Flowerbomb, with a hint of shimmer floating inside to get that summer glow. La Vie En Rose is the perfect addition for the Viktor & Rolf veteran or rookie.

– Aleksandra Bulatskaya