Frank Cisneros

After all, Frank Cisneros does know a thing or two about how to mix a fine drink. Though known to most for his virtuosic skills within the Brooklyn cocktail scene, Cisneros’ interests in classic boozy beverages harkens back to his good old days as a West Coaster.

While living in Washington state, Cisneros’ fondness for all things old timey led him to purchase Boothby’s World Drinks and How to Mix Them at a vintage store. For kicks, he committed free time to executing every recipe from the book, and so began a curiosity for the craft of creating delicious cocktails. After various bartending and DJ stints in Portland, Oregon, Cisneros took the East Coast leap by relocating to his current stomping grounds of Brooklyn, New York, and what first began as a hobby quickly seized his interests full-time.

Beloved dive spot Bushwick Country Club served as an initial outlet to experiment with new concoctions. Cisneros and fellow bartender Tom Chadwick brought in their own spirits, ice, bitters and glassware, assembling a pseudo cocktail pop-up shop during standard bar shifts. But it’s his days at Prime Meats (alongside seasoned expert Damon Boelte) and Dram that propelled his ascent to garnering top caliber cocktail regard.

Cisneros’ success may be due to his own mix of ease and taste, exemplified best in his bar, The Drink. The nautical theme, inspired by Cisneros and fellow co-owners’ collective history of maritime life, relays a sense of quality and comfort. One can order any number of expertly mixed cocktails or carefully selected beers, but it’s the punch menu that shines brightest. The impressive assortment of original punch recipes, such as The Narwhal or The Spinnaker, are made with fresh pressed juices and balanced tea and spice infusions, served by the bowl or cup. From the handmade teak bar and vintage sailing chart-clad ceiling to the old piano amidst seafaring bric-a-brac, The Drink is a place a sailor could rest easy had he been shipwrecked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Cheers all around, because sailor or not, we’re in good hands. It looks like Frankie Cocktails is here to stay.

– Jen Choi


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