Isabel Marant

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Synonymous with luxury fashion, Isabel Marant built her enigmatic brand brick-by-brick in order to achieve her vision with freedom and integrity. Marant’s relationship with garment-production began at fifteen, sewing and reworking vintage army jackets. She established her brand in 1994 and the influence of hand-altered army jackets remains ever-present in her modern collections. Offering a full and diverse repertoire of garments and footwear, commonly seen adorning the frames of A-list celebrities, Marant manages to hold steadfast to the iconic tomboyish and bohemian aesthetic of her original work.

Though credited to some of fashion’s leading trends including high-top wedges and heavily embellished trophy jackets, Marant’s notable collaborations are possibly what’s most impressive on her resume—Anthropologie, H&M, Oliver Peoples and bicycle, sneaker and skateboard brand, Heritage Paris, to name a few. Marant’s most recent Autumn/Winter 2016 collection embodies the rich texture and plaids we expect from the season, contrasted by bold punches of metallic and patent red. We can be sure it’s another remarkable endeavor worthy of our attention and destined for fashion’s history books.

What challenges you creatively? 

I think it’s the frustration in not having the feeling that I’ve totally achieved what I had in mind. Starting something new is an opportunity to better grasp what I was reaching for initially.

What’s your modus operandi in seeking inspiration for new collections? 

I quite try to let myself go as much as possible. I try to be relaxed instinctive and organic. I try to see what attracts me naturally—a piece of fabric laying on the floor, a gesture of a woman I see. I feel what’s around me.

What’s the greatest benefit you’ve experienced from your many notable collaborations? 

Exchanging ideas. I love working with creative people I’m not used to working with and this exchange with someone different is very beneficial. It’s exciting and refreshing.

Is there one element that always finds its way into your collections or are no two collections ever really alike? 

It’s always the same process and the same habits and combinations that I will always love. There’s a thread of a common element. I have to be sure it has a certain contrast of different ideas.

Are you a believer in efficient multi-tasking or more dedicated attention to one thing at a time? 

Doing one thing at a time is a luxury position and I more believe in it because you can see to the end of an idea and thoroughly realize it. I would love this ability but it’s difficult with my schedule.

Greatest accomplishment outside your profes-sional successes? 

Family life.

What’s the quickest way to your heart? 

Somebody being funny or smiling. I love happy, gentle people with a good sense humor.

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Text by Jennifer Moulaison