John Pomp

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, sculptor and master glassblower John Pomp has created a limited edition of 100 signed decanters in collaboration with Newton Vineyards, entitled “The Touch.” Lauded for his organically shaped and environmentally-friendly glass objects, this eco-chic decanter is mouth-blown and made from 30% recycled glass.  Crafted in Pomp’s Philadelphia studio, “The Touch” begins in his glass ovens, and takes its shape as the artist breathes life into the molten glass. “Coaxing the molten glass into the form of ‘The Touch’ requires a natural sensibility,” says Pomp, who uses all handmade tools and molds in the process. He likens working with the molten glass to winemaking, noting that “every move affects the final product, and every product bears the signature of [his] handiwork, much like a winemaker’s hand shows in every bottle.”

Pomp developed the idea for “The Touch” during a visit to Newton Vineyards. The fluid and natural shape of the decanter “frames the wine’s beauty,” according to Pomp, and was inspired by Newton’s unique and artistic relationship to nature. Created while the glass is still hot, the organic design bears Pomp’s signature Touch, a dimple connecting the two sides of the decanter, which both serves to increase aeration as the wine is poured and provides a natural fit for your hand.  The result is a sleek, thin decanter—both aesthetic and functional—that is a perfect choice for any wine enthusiast.

Based in New York City for more than 15 years, Pomp uses the ancient art of glassblowing to redefine contemporary design, establishing himself as one of the leaders in the industry. Schooled in the Venetian glassblowing style by Italian maestros, he utilizes old-world classic technique in a modern way through the medium of glass. Pomp’s original training as a sculptor has shaped and influenced his conceptual approach to classic design, which focuses on the purity of natural materials while embracing their inherent elemental qualities—yielding a classic, yet modern, aesthetic.

“The Touch” retails for $500 and is available at Gallery R’ Pure or on

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– Hillary Latos