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Kristy Barber


A mere three years ago saw the birth of womenswear label 
Kuwaii, the creation of designer Kristy Barber. Following her award as Student Designer of the Year at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Barber cut her fashion-teeth through internships with cult Australian brands Arnsdorf and Lover, as well as a stint in New York at the Phillip Lim 3.1 atelier.

With a perfectly balanced harmony of form and function, the Kuwaii aesthetic is, at once, both strikingly simple and 
intricately precise. Every piece is produced in Australia, with an unwavering focus on environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

Barber’s approach is flawlessly encapsulated in the Kuwaii footwear collection—custom made and much coveted, they herald true craftsmanship and can be seen stamping all the hottest pavements in Australia.

Clean lines, classic silhouettes, understated detailing and perfect proportions create a sense of effortless beauty. Yet, upon closer inspection, a hidden world of subtle intricacies is revealed: quality workmanship, fabrics, finishings, and refined tailoring and precise techniques. Kuwaii is an intelligent study of design and production, which is as much philosophical as it is fashionable.

Barber explains, “nothing is accidental, not a stitch out of place. Not one needless fold or unnecessary drape. Exquisite fabrics are weighted to perfection against precision cutting and French seams.”

Interesting and meaningful is the Kuwaii way—with pieces you will always love from now until forever. Her range is available at the Kuwaii online store or Melbourne boutique, plus stockists around Australia.

Text by Anita Nedeljkovic
Photography by Daniel Gurton


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