Love to Pose

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Carlos_0030

Model Carlos Cortez
Posing as Clint Eastwood
Occupation: Visual Director

“I always liked the deep strength in his eyes and, as time goes on, the strength in his work. I remember those nights at home with my mom watching Spaghetti Westerns on a very big and fat black and white TV, and dreaming about having those crazy, rude and dusty adventures. I was eight or so years old then. I’ve realized that I obsessed with ponchos and hats; I always wear them. I should blame Clint Eastwood for that.”

Stetson hat
Tommy Hilfiger tweed vest and belt
Diesel black leather tie
Ben Sherman white shirt
Levis black jeans
Miansai jewelry
Gypsy boots

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Jennifer_0110

Model Jennifer Pugh
Posing as Tom Petty
Occupation Model

“When I think inspiration I think of influence, most of my early influences came from the VHS tapes of music videos I would rent from Blockbuster. I would always come home with either David Bowie, Tom Petty or Michael Jackson. I always loved Tom Petty’s style in his music videos. I think my favorite is still the “Don’t Come Around Here No More” music video.”

David Michael print shirt
Assembly NY black pant
Vintage leather coat
Eric Javits black hat
Stylist’s own sunglasses

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Emma_0021

Model Emma Dvarick
Posing as Robert Mapplethorpe
Occupation: Illustrator at Happy Hour & Co.

“Robert was fiercely himself in every aspect of his art/life and he never backed down.”

Urban Outfitters leather jacket
Theory black shirt
Stylist’s own red leather tie & studded belt
AG black jeans

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Louise_0045

Model Louise Sturcken
Poses as Anaïs Nin
Occupation Stylist/Manager of Illesteva Flagship

“Anaïs Nin’s philosophy that ‘life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage’ inspires me.”

Zara black turtleneck sweater

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Javier_0055

Model Javier Moleda
Posing as Serpico
Occupation: Publisher

“He was the ultimate loser but he was true to himself to the end.”

APC grey wool turtleneck sweater
Vintage army jacket
Model’s own sunglasses

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Madison_0117

Model Madison MacAllister
Posing as Francesca Woodman
Occupation Student

“Francesca Woodman has always been an inspirational artist and woman to me because she was so intensely and passionately focused on taking unique photos that depicted her exact visions. She used textures and movement in a way that was unseen in her time, and even 35 years later her work is still so beautiful to me and so relevant to a lot of fashion photography today.”

Vintage printed dress and sandals
Chicos pants

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Desiree_0061

Model Desiree Kong
Posing as Ana Mendieta
Occupation Student

“The symbolism portrayed through her art speaks of displacement, of standing out in a world that tells us to blend in. She found a way to counter that societal force by addressing issues that needed to be addressed.”

J Crew maroon wool turtleneck sweater
Model’s own hoop earrings

10. SOMA_I-Pose_Naomi_0044

Model Naomi Edmondson
Poses as Frida Kahlo
Occupation Artist, Figure Model, Receptionist

“I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo because she lived a very difficult life with lots of strength, character and color. I think that’s an amazing goal to work towards.”

Zara white eyelet blouse
Eric Javits flowers pieces in hair
Stylist’s own striped shawl
Model’s own jewelry

Makeup by Bernadine Bibiano at Judy Casey using MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Bernadine Bibiano at Judy Casey using Oribe
Styling by Don Sumada at Bernstein & Andriulli

Photography by Sergio Kurhajec
Studio: Shoot Digital