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SOMA Magazine » Archive » Love to Pose
Love to Pose

SOMA-Taylor Mack Crommie

Model Taylor Mack Crommie
Posing as David Bowie
Occupation: Musician

Stylist’s own jacket and neck tie
Artelier peral earing as pin

SOMA-Kate Boyer-2-BW

Model Kate Boyer
Posing as Angie Bowie 70’s glam
Occupation: Actress / Stunt

Blq Jacket
Sabo Skirt top
Boyajian necklace

SOMA-Daniel Norman-2

Model Daniel Norman
Posing as Jean Michel Basquiat
Occupation: Musician

Models own jacket, shirt, tie and jeans
Haati Cha necklace

SOMA-Jacob Rushing

Model Jacob Rushing
Poses as Tom Waits
Occupation: Photographer

Matiere Shirt Levis Jacket and Jeans
Model’s own handkerchief

SOMA-Sundra Oakley-BW

Model Sundra Oakley
Posing as Tomb Raider (Laura Croft)
Occupation:  Actress

American Apparel top
Elizabeth and James jeans
Stylist’s own belt

SOMA-Koyo Kim-BW

Model Koyo Kim
Posing as Little Dragon Girl
Occupation: Violinist / Artist

One Teaspoon dress
Nadia Gabriella cuffs
Lijin shoes

SOMA-Satya Linak-

Model Satya Linak
Posing as Jessica Rabbit
Occupation: Make Up Artist

Mason Lejaby bra
Model’s own jacket
G-star jeans

SOMA-Koi Saelee

Model Koi Saelee
Poses as Michelle Rodriguez
Occupation: Aerospace Engineer

Lijin top
Adriano Goldschmed jeans
Model’s own shoes
Stylist’s own braclet

SOMA-Cristina Dunlap-BW

Model Cristina Dunlap
Posing as Steve Nicks
Occupation: Director/Photographer

Nines bodysuit
Fete pants
Sabo Skirt shawl jacket
Amarilo ring
Lily White head chain

SOMA-Nomi Star Cultice

Model Nomi Star Cultice
Poses as Robert Smith
Occupation: Minecraft Artist

Target shirt

SOMA-Katsura Ogawa-BW

Model Katsura Ogawa
Posing as Ryan Goslin
Occupation:  Executive Assistant

Fete pants
Model’s own t-shirt, her boyfriend made it for her XOXO

SOMA-Anna Kennedy

Model Anna Kennedy
Poses as Audrey Hepburn
Occupation: Actress / Astrologist

Model’s own dress
Will Know Monday crown
Artelier earrings

Photography by Joseph Cultice

Styling Devon Rodgers
Make-Up Artist Satya Linak
Hair Stylist Christina Robertson


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