Love to Pose

I-Pose is the latest addition to SOMA’s ongoing tradition of introducing unique, cutting-edge features to our magazine. This section portrays the winners of our online competition, where SOMA readers posed as their favorite icons. In this issue, we feature young creative minds from Tokyo and ask them to explain the reasoning behind their choices.

Text by Mike Burns
Photography by Jacob Hodgkinson

I Pose Like: Jessie J
Name: Mayumi Kamitai
Occupation: Graphic Designer
“I love her hairstyle… I’m obsessed with black hair.”

I Pose Like: Xavier Du Rosnay (Justice)
Name: Mai Maimu
Occupation: Graphic Designer/DJ
“There are no artists that can make that electro/rock sound as well as Justice. I’m absorbed in their rough and romantic sound, which is matched by Xavier’s style.”

I Pose Like: Cat Power
Name: Minami Jinnouchi 
Occupation: Fashion PR
“First and foremost, I love her music. But her style is also amazing… so down to earth and she looks amazing in even the simplest of clothes.”

I Pose Like: Pete Doherty
Name: Hiroki Shimoozato
Occupation: DJ/Event Organizer/Student
“When I was a Junior High School student I heard about him for the first time. His appearance, scandalous life, punk spirit and musical talent all captivated me. He is my hero.”

I Pose like: Hedi Slimane
Name: Michael Rajkovic
Occupation: Model/DJ/Event Organizer
“His style is so sharp and clean, but also very rock. We have a similar haircut too!”