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SOMA Magazine » Archive » NYC: May/June 2011
NYC: May/June 2011

1. What’s your favorite item of clothing you are wearing and where is it from?
2. If you were visiting NYC and you could inhabit anywhere you wanted to in the city, where would you stay?
3. If you could time travel, what year would you go to?
4. What’s your favorite place to travel to?
5. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Photography Jena Cumbo

Kate Johnson
1. My Anthropologie scarf
2. ABC Home and Carbet
3. 1990
4. Woods of Vermont
5. Chocolate

Mark Hsu
1. My shoes, they were designed by a friend
2. The HW Brooklyn Hotel in Williamsburg
3. 1972
4. Tulum, Mexico
5. Chocolate

Izzy Tuason
1. My pin, it’s vintage
2. Battery Park
3. 1955
4. Tokyo
5. Chocolate

Fred Stiltz
1. My vintage ZZ Top pin
2. Central park with the squirrels
3. If I had a time machine I’d put it on shuffle, like Quantum Leap
4. Naples, Italy
5. A twist

Xiaoqing Ding
1. My Ralph Lauren skirt
2. In the Chelsea Galleries
3. To the future!
4. I’d like to travel to outer space, and meet an alien
5. Chocolate

Travis Caine
1. My Marc Jacobs jacket
2. In a hut on Fort Tildon
3. 1969
4. Anywhere warm, with a beach!
5. Chocolate

Martin Christopher
1. My Andre Herman Blazer
2. A tree house loft in SoHo
3. 1976
4. Tulum, Mexico
5. Chocolate, on many fronts :)

Leyla Heckrotte
1. My vintage bracelet
2. My apartment at Kingsland and Richardson in Williamsburg
3. 1984
4. Galapagos
5. Chocolate

Rob Leitzell
1. My pants, I took them from my girlfriend’s closet
2. The Metropolitan Museum
3. 1990
4. Whitesands, New Mexico
5. Vanilla

Russell Manly
1. My RRL vest
2. In the garden at Maison Premiere in Williamsburg
3. 1895
4. Staying at home with my lovely wife
5. Vanilla


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