Otherworldly is one of the most eye-catching books to hit shelves this year. Each page is filled with colorful, out-of-this-world fashion that begs the question, what will designers create next. Featuring the work of Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Lucy McRae, Peter Popps and more, this book will have you wondering how such creations are even wearable. The garments are futuristic and science-fiction-inspired with what seems to have even alien-like influences; the looks displayed across the pages are daring and inspiring other artists for the future of fashion. Boasting color blocking, pattern, monochromatic palettes and stunning metallic, no two pages resemble each other. Gorgeous materials pair with silhouettes that defy common shape that’s exceptionally avant-garde. A quick flip through and the outer-galaxy aesthetic will win you over and offer an alluring coffee table fixture. With over three hundred pages, this book is opening the floor for rule-breaking fashion. The forward thinking designers featured are encouraging fashion without boundaries. The avant-garde costumes created are introducing a world of fashion where normality isn’t normal. With today’s new technologies it is becoming easier to make the unrealistic a reality. Using high tech fabrics and melting forms, the artists are able to create looks that would otherwise seem impossible. Mixing old traditions with contemporary techniques, artists can finally create pieces that disturb the commonly perceived notions of fashion. Artists are able to experiment with given traditions letting mutated, deformed creations gain focus. Carefully pieced together with some the most stunning fashion looks designers have to offer, this book is something you need to own. Otherworldly has been a huge success so far, and is set to drop in the U.S. later this spring. For all the fashion enthusiasts, and art lovers alike, Otherworldly is a book deserving of its place in any library.


Text by Kendal McInnis