Palais FG

Boca do Lobo & Denis Kosutic


Truth be told, two is always better than one. Such is the case when the union of design and quality form an alliance that cannot go unnoticed. The recent collaboration between Boca do Lobo & Denis Kosutic brings a display of art well crafted with the finest of elements. This appealing synthesis was well anticipated within the world of luxury furniture and contemporary architecture.

Both parities partnered for a celebratory re-creation of a baroque Austrian Palace, a project Kosutic titled Palais FG. Few details regarding the Palace and its location were released. Despite this mystery, the stately home stationed a renowned foundation of baroque art for Austria. This defining characteristic provided a wealth of inspiration for this redecorating project, for which Kosutic and Boca do Lobo gathered together.

Boca do Lobo’s furniture included one of a kind pieces fusing the past and present, while partnering with Kosutic to implement his vision for design, aesthetic and style. The collaboration generated a pulsating modish environment with a history of baroque art, refurbished into a funky fresh look. Hanging chandeliers enveloped in gold and couches of velvet set the scene.

With international offices in London and the United States, Boca do Lobo is a furniture design company that handcrafts luxury home décor pieces in Porto, Portugal. If its notoriety can’t place its name, look to its advocates: 1stdibs, Vogue Portugal and Modern Luxury are among supporters who feature and auction the brand’s most exquisite home pieces on the web and in print. For this recent project, launched summer of 2016, the furniture brand meets its contemporary, Denis Kosutic, the voice of perspective and relevant point of view.

Kosutic’s commitment to publicizing the language of modern design into common conversation has built his career—a portfolio of work for restaurants, hotels, apartments and clubs. Denis Kosutic is an interior designer by trade, but an artist by craft. All environments have his mark of sophistication and savior faire. In every project, Kosutic creates atmospheres that are “modern, unique and sought after.” His work continues to excite and bring wonder to its inhabitants.

Through prints of gold speckled into polka dotted patterns, wallpaper plastered by the color of the Tuscan sun, decorated by blossoming flowers and peasants, art pieces and stunning color dictate the flamboyancy of the collaboration. Zebra printed rugs and carpets trace the floors and staircases. A rug in the same print is reflected on a hall side table. The table is constructed by eight slabs of silver glass wedges stacked interchangeably between a mix of small and large pieces of its material. Besides this standing decoration, sits an espresso-colored wooden chair. A light bulb forms on the back panel of its seat leading to a light that generates a neon buzz. These pieces lead a path towards the dazzle and drama that awaits.

In another room, gold painted birdcages hang sporadically from the ceiling, while two complementing standing stool tables shine in the same pigment. The regality of the full-length velvet curtains of a variety of colors: cherry red, fuchsia, burgundy and amethyst, brush the stone-cold violet tile in addition to guarding the windows that line the wall. In the center of the room stands a carriage shaped chair the color of a bushel of lemons. This piece alone lights up the room as it sits across from a light orange sorbet color of a similar but smaller design with a gold stool companion. A contrast in color—orange, black, grey, periwinkle, ecru, sky blue, red and orchid perpetuate in a series of replicating lines on the rug that covers the floor. The sight adds illusion to the room.

The most dynamic of chambers includes the lounge. Step into the space and find an arrangement of sitting furniture: a velvet couch doused in cobalt blue sits between an emerald chair of the same design and a lilac cushioned chair with wooden details. These pieces form a crescent moon that holds the couplet of gold coffee tables carved into puzzle pieces that share the center of the space. This gold accent pulls together decorations of equivalent regality: multi-cylinder chandeliers hang from the central wooden ceiling panel, gold based wallpaper adorned with floral illustrations share the walls with red and blue baroque printed curtains.

In order to create such an eclectic environment, Kosutic approached the Castle by accepting the antiquity that permeated before editing the rooms individually, to fashion idiosyncratic spaces fluid throughout the palace. In further discussing the project Kosutic shares his philosophy: to reach the core of furniture composition and decorating through the functionalism of product and design. This focus creates the mood. With the support from Boca do Lobo, Denis Kosutic presents Palais FG. Enter its gates to discover an alluring environment that depicts contemporary life through architecture and interior design.

Text by Valerie McPhail