Rock Star Hair

Hair is to rock stars as fabric is to a couturier. Their signature hairstyles are not only an extension of their identity and music genre, but serve as an imprint in which pop culture and history are defined. Their locks will inspire hair trends amongst the millions of fans they touch. While some looks are ageless like Dita Von Teese’s pin up looks; some are timeless the swooped up rockabilly look invented in the ‘50s; some define an erathe Mohawk; and some are best forgotten like the big ‘80s hair band looks or frizzy fried out roots Madonna started.

As we live in the digital age where musical tastes can change in a nanosecond, so do hair trends these days; there are many ways to achieve that rocker look. Even watching “American Idol”, hair is the first thing you notice as an ordinary Joe transforms themselves into an overnight rock star or diva. Here, SOMA taps into a couple of celebrity hair stylists to get the low down on tips for sporting that rock star look.

Here are some tips from downtown NYC Revolver Salon hairstylist, Gary Van Voorhis, who also moonlights as a singer in the band Cult War.

“So, the rock hairstyles of late run the gauntlet, from short to long, dirty to clean, soft rock to hard rock…the main trend: TEXTURE and choosing the right product to accentuate the cut. If there is a way to razor cut a buzz cut, it’s going to be big.

“The Emo kids have their long hair in the front, a textured rat’s nest in the back, and it all falls to choppy layers around the ears and nape. It’s technically a grown out pixie cut. (Great products for this look: wax, paste, fiber and/or hairspray.)

“From there you have the more mod corporate friendly version which of course is long on top (mostly towards the front) and super short all along the sides and back; this is more popular for the understated indie rocker. (Molding clays or waxes are great products that give light control and flexible hold without adding shine.)

“Buzz cuts are low maintenance and can be suped up with a little line work, you know you’ve seen it, remember the stripes and patterns cut into the sides and back? They are back in a big way, and can be done in much more intricate patterns these days.

“Long, shaggy layers and jet-black hair are never going to leave. From Elvis’ pompadour to Nikki Sixx’s ratty shag, the classic black leather look will always be a part of rock ‘n’ roll. (For the rockabilly pomp you need a pomade that can be combed through for control and shine. For that heavy metal look it all depends on texture: spray on pomades, styling cream or a gel.)
“The classics are always here, they aren’t going anywhere, but like any classic design, they have been tweaked and altered to feel newer, better, more exciting.”

Francky L’Official, who is no stranger to the entertainment world, has styled many rock star divas and transformed their looks from his namesake salons in Beverly Hills and New York. “Punk inspired hair has always been a mainstay on the red carpet. Short, bold and daring, these styles can involve dramatic coloring, height, texture and even shaving the head in parts. Lots of gel wax and products can be used to create awe inspiring looks that just say you do not care.

“A classic chic rocker look is Bedhead. Mary–Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie are often seen sporting this look on the red carpet. Bedhead can be created by working a matte texturizer product into your roots to create a sexy, disheveled texture. For extra volume, spray hairspray onto your hands and lightly scrunch into the ends. This look isn’t about perfection, the messier the better, and works best on second–day hair.

“A long razor cut is also the epitome of ‘rocker chic’ with deeply textured, angled fringe, under–layered lengths and frosty highlights framing the face.”

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– Hillary Latos


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