Sara Ferrari


Sara Ferrari was born in Brescia, Italy. After her graduation at MACHINA Lonati Fashion and Design Institute, she moved to London where she started different collaborations with product and interior design practices.

In 2009 she founded Sara Ferrari Design. Her work is 
already recognized internationally: the cardboard chair PAD was selected as a winning entry in the design competition PLAYING DESIGN and was later displayed at various fairs and institutions, the Dining Agenda was part of the Desigboom Mart at the ICFF in NY and was published in various national and international design magazines and blogs, while the XCIX_Y bracelet is 
displayed at the Peel Gallery, Texas.
In April 2010 the project Stone-Leaf received a special 
mention from the international design competition Zanotta_Cristalplant Design contest.

What are your strengths as a designer? What are your weaknesses as 
a designer?
Strengths: I’m such a perfectionist, crazy for details. But most of all, I take my job very seriously: every single project I do MUST have a reason to exist. Design can make our lives better and my role is to find the way to do it, hard, isn’t it?! Weakness: I can’t divide work from personal life.

Which past and present designers inspire you?
Past: Achille Castiglioni for the cleverness of his projects, Ettore Sottsass for his sensitivity to beauty, and Bruno Munari for his creative approach.
Present: I love comparing IDEO’s approach based on “design thinking” to the pure and clever aesthetic of the BOUROULLEC BROTHERS’ projects. I would like to be able to define something in between the two different approaches.

What would your employees say about you as a boss?
To answer this question I’ll just proudly copy and paste (and translate) what Giulia, my last intern, emailed me right after her experience in my studio: “Thank you for these 6 months where I’ve enjoyed a very significant working experience but most of all where I was lucky enough to get to know a special person as you are. I’ve always been a very determined person at work but the willingness, the enthusiasm and the pure passion to put in our job, well, I learned it from you. I really hope people will recognize more and more your amazing talent and the beauty of your projects because you so much deserve it, as a designer and as a person. I’m sending you a squeezing embrace, my boss!”

What advice would you give aspiring designers?
Follow your dreams and never give up!
What is your earliest memory of designing/creating?
I only remember I enjoyed art classed at primary school and I was quite good at drawing but that’s it really, nothing too creative. I never thought I would become a designer.


1. An interesting dichotomy here. This person is capable of perceiving both the overall picture and the details of things. Unfortunately, she cannot do both of these things at the same time. She can, however, switch back and forth with great ease.

2. From the earliest days of her life, she has followed her own dreams in her own way. She has an open-minded family so her pursuit of independence has caused remarkably little conflict with her family.

3. Remarkably even-tempered. She does not sweat the little stuff or become annoyed by it. She considers most things to be the little stuff!

4.She lives in her dreams and loves stories, both telling and hearing them. She’s the sort of person who will sit in the rain reading her book without noticing she’s getting wet, or get engrossed in a stranger’s tale on the beach and get a sunburn.

5. A leader of others by default rather than intent. Since she is not following them, but appears to be going somewhere, others will follow her. This is a source of continuous surprise to her since she has no particular desire to be a leader (simply 
has less desire to be a follower!)

6. The hand shows three great loves in her life. One while very young, who may or may not have been real, could just as easily have been a character in a book or movie with whom she fell deeply in love. One—and the most rewarding—in the middle years of her life. The last will be a very sweet and gentle kind of love at old age.

7. She has a fondness for old things with delicate and intricate texture: old handmade lace, filigree metal – it’s the patina of age and the stories about these things that attract her to them.

8. She has a delicate sensuousness, delighting in complex flavors, music, etc., but not inclined to take too much of anything at one time. Tapas would be preferred over a roast. A few bites of something interesting is preferred over a large quantity of something familiar. She can become overwhelmed by too much, which dampens her appreciation for trying something new!

9. Gently stubborn. Doesn’t budge, but doesn’t get angry, just keeps her sights on her own goals. If you stand in her way she will very gently and with a smile, move you aside or walk around you.