SF’s West End Experience

Text by Natalie Shirinian

San Francisco’s West End offers a fresh perspective in its extensive collection of women’s designer clothes, shoes and accessories. Sitting in the trendy Marina neighborhood of Chestnut Street, this upscale boutique features contemporary designs that have been edited to offer a unique shopping experience.

West End’s buyers have traveled the world to find key pieces that can make any wardrobe. These include classic looks from top designers as well as international pieces from up-and-comers. Accessories range from 14k gold jewelry brought from Italy to handmade scarves handpicked in Armenia.

The store’s logical design and layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. And West End offers a wide range of prices—and boasts frequent sales, which everyone needs in this economy.

The owner, Savannah Sarkisian, is sweet and unpretentious, which makes you feel at ease. For a diverse and fun shopping experience, give West End a try.


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