Silvia Venturini Fendi

If the fashionista gene is hereditary, then the House of Fendi is living proof that fashion runs in the family. Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi, granddaughter of founders Edoardo and Adele Fendi, was born into fashion. From age four, Silvia’s mother Anna Fendi worked closely with Karl Lagerfeld when he started designing the women’s collection in the ‘60s. From that point on, Silvia trained in the Fendi boutique in Los Angeles, moved to the creative sector and launched Fendissime – a line targeted toward a younger generation. After creating the latest “it” bag from the infamous cult favorite–the baguette, the accessories grew to encompass over 2,000 brilliant variations, such as 2005’s waitlisted Spy Bag and hand-crafted Selleria line.

Whether it’s the embellished details, luxe materials, or unparalleled craftsmanship, nothing can compare to owning one of these highly coveted objets d’art. With Silvia at the helm of the Mens and Accessories design team, purveyors of conspicuous consumption have something to look forward to, season after season.

How would you describe the spirit of the House of Fendi?
Passionate. The main trait and attitude of Fendi has always been passion. It’s permeated in all creative processes and products – a revolutionary passion that has always gone against the tide and conventional rules.

What is your favorite accessory that you created?
I don’t have any favorite or nostalgia. I always look to the next step.

Fendi has always been known for its creativity and innovation. What plans do you have for the future?
Well, so far so good! I would like to keep up the good work, creatively speaking, and my goal is to succeed with Fendi bags, [to make it] instantly recognizable without stressing the logo, as is the case today with the Spy and the Selleria line.

What is going to be the hot must have bag for spring?
The B. Fendi. The upcoming Spring/Summer bag that says its name without the need of a logo. This is a Fendi bag recognizable for its details, materials and craftmanship. The buckle is a wink to the ready-to-wear collection.

You are partnering with the American Academy in Rome for the opening. How do you see the collaboration between fashion and art?
Fashion and art have always been intertwined and even more so today at Fendi where the last Mens collection was shown in a small film and Anish Kapoor’s sculpture was showcased at our Rome flagship’s opening. This partnership is a natural evolution towards a more art/fashion crossover. Art and cinema are pure emotion, which is why I love both of them. It is an emotion very close to the vibrations that fashion gives off.

– Hillary Latos

Reading by Lena, who has no idea this palm belongs to Silvia Venturini Fendi.

1. There is a sensuousness here, a delight in the touch, taste and texture of the universe.

2. She functions best on the levels of spirit and matter. Good with tools, communication and spirit. Will not however, be so interested in the sciences or abstract philosophy as much as things she can either touch or feel.

3. Communication is the other main interest. This shows a great skill at that – both innate skill and learned skills. This includes an ability at double talk. If she doesn’t want to answer your question, she can speak quite pleasingly for as long as she wants, without actually answering.

4. Strong tribal sensibilities. Loyalty – bordering on devotion – to those she considers her people. She is also emotionally invested in her status and place among those she considers her people.

5. There is a strong interest shown in how cultures work and that interest leads to acquisition of knowledge on the subject and that knowledge is used to maneuver within cultures and to find and establish her place therein.

6. Sensitive to the feelings of others and really cares about those feelings. This person will have excellent manners within whichever subculture she travels and will take great steps never to give insult by accident – if she ever does insult a person, it’s on purpose, not accidental.

7. Extremely unusual and independent impulses combined with an extremely strong governor on those impulses. She thinks way outside the box but chooses to live a lifestyle which fits within the norms of her culture. This combination leads to the kind of great creativity which gets both recognized and accepted during one’s life, rather than afterwards.


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