Sneakers: Obsession’s for Fall

Sneakers are an ever-evolving style. Each year fashion designers from around the globe design and create sneakers to fit into a particular seasons trends and statements. It is no surprise that sneakers and their versatility allow for a creative and innovative voice, one that is outside of the strict roles of fashion design. Tacky fabrics, Velcro and vibrant colors, can be used and manipulated on sneakers to create a stylish look that on any other medium would look strictly wild and out of sorts. One can thus understand why shoes are the everyday man’s obsession, and fashion designers greatest creative outlet. For fall and winter, check out these innovative designs from around the globe; they are sure to spark your interest.

Mark McNairy for PRO-Keds
The iconic Keds company known for its simple and timeless sneakers has teamed up with Mark McNairy, the well-known American fashion designer who is behind the infamous “red brick sole” footwear. McNairy is best known for his preppy English ivy league fashion, rather than the simple streetwear style that symbolizes Keds shoes. But it becomes quite clear that these two opposing designs do in fact attract, making a simple, elegant, well-designed low top sneaker that would look great with a pair of khakis or a pair of skinny-legged jeans. The clean suede, gum soles and leather laces give it luxuriousness without the ridiculous high price tag, which Keds steers clear from, and what makes the company so distinguished among the younger crowd. The shoe comes in four colors, all of which have the iconic red and blue stripped keds logo, giving it that classic American easy going style that so many wish to emulate.

Giuliano Fujiwara
Creative Director Masataka Matsumura truly outdid himself with this sleek innovative design. The sneakers come in a high top and a low top style, which creates a multifaceted design with varying looks depending on the style one is trying to portray. The shoes carry an avant-garde vibe without being over the top and gaudy. Their classically styled tailoring, contrasting colors and minimalistic savoir-faire subdue their flashiness, making them wearable and accessible to all types of consumers. The solid colors with metallic accents also add to their allure and accessibility. The best feature of the Giuliano Fujiwara design is the soft and comfortable suede ultra high-tops. This relaxed yet high-end fabric allows for a smooth and pleasant fit, giving the wearer sleek design and fashion with versatility and comfort.

Missoni x Converse
Missoni, a well-known high-end Italian fashion brand, is better known for its unique knit patterns and luxury attire, rather than sneakers. But this season they have teamed up with the well-known and loved sneaker brand, Converse, to create an amazing shoe that both captures high-end fashion and streetwear. Many would agree that this is an instant classic due to its sophisticated style and timeless appeal. The sneakers design captures the classic Chuck Taylor Hi silhouette, while incorporating the Missoni signature zigzag pattern. This tasteful combination includes smooth grey, black and white color tones, with a hint of premium-tanned leather on the tongue and the heel. The timeless appeal, the classic and simple take on luxury, and urbanity really makes these sneakers stand out among the rest.

– Emily Sands