Street Pulse

Text & Photography by Sara Davis @sara_davis_photography

1. What’s the color palette that’s inspiring you this season?
2. What’s the favorite piece that you are wearing?
3. What is the style category that you are wearing?
4. What is your favorite go-to piece when in SF?

Jillian Knox

1. Millennial pink and muted earth tones. 2. My Lilah necklace by Zelma Rose (@zelmarose). 3. I’m wearing a menswear vibe that is inspired by Isabel’s menswear silhouettes. 4. Kimono

Nicole Schumacher

1. Olive green & dusty orange 2. My shoes from Urban. They make me feel badass no matter what else is on my body. 3. Boho-Grunge 4. I wear a silver ring on my middle finger almost always.

Zee Chang

1. Navy blue/teal contrasted with red accents 2. My dress by Religion 3. Casual-formal or Formal 4. My army jacket from the little boys section at Target. It reminds me of Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks.

Savannah Blum

1. Neutral & pale colors. I’m also loving RED! 2. My necklace was was grandmother’s. I love repurposing older jewelry, putting my own twist to make it modern. 3. Modern-Minimal 4. A comfy pair of shoes. I love heels I can walk all day in.

Caroline Rakow

1. Warmer hues like red, and yellow incorporated with basic black. 2. My black dress. It’s versatile and the length is classy. 3. Inspired by Isabel Marant’s quintessential french fashionista. 4. Pair of sneakers. I never know if I’m going to be on an adventure in the city or through the redwoods.