Street Pulse: Milan

1. What’s your connection to the music industry?
2. What was the first concert you attended and where?
3. What is your favorite venue in Milan to play or see a show?
4. What album are you currently obsessed with?
5. What musician’s style do you envy the most?

Photography by Lara Ferri

1. I’m a DJ and producer of electronic music.
2. Sorry, but I can’t remember…
3. Alcatraz, definitely.
4. Mine, +BPolare by Lowpitch
5. I follow a DJ and producer named Access Denied

1. I sing and play guitar in a female rock band, ROIPNOL WITCH.
2. Pearl Jam at Verona Arena
3. Rocket Club
4. FFD punk rock band, Garbage, Florence and the Machine, Eva Poles
5. Lykke Li

1. I’m a DJ and organize events in Italy
2. James Brown at Arena di Porto Potenza, unforgettable night
3. Amnesia & Magazzini Generali
4. Impossible to choose one
5. Richie Hawtin is my favorite DJ, that’s the style that I envy.

1. I’m a sound manipulator and also a DJ
2. Kraftwerk in London
3. Plastic
4. Scala & Kolacny Brothers Cover
5. Psychedelic stuff and electronic

1. I am a singer and a DJ
2. In the eighties, Depeche Mode live in Milan
3. My favorite club is Plastic
4. Messer Chupson on Bermuda 66
5. Exotic stuff, sixties, lounge, bossanova, swing

1. I’m a DJ, Producer, Music Blogger and Records collector.
2. My first show was back in ’93 when I was 17, a disco pub in my hometown.
3. I love to play at ZOOM BAR, it’s a small basement in the center of Milan.
4. Well, I love old stuff. I can’t stop listening Howard Johnson – Keepin’ Love New
5. I’m a big fan of the Detroit based producers like Kenny Dixon Jr, Carl Craig and Theo Parrish.

1. Singer in the electro-dubstep band Lowpitch.
2. Massive Attack in Modena (Italy)
3. Leoncavallo (Milan)
4. “Natural Born Motherfuckers” by Hallucinator.
5. Pharrell Williams. He’s got style!