Street Pulse: Milan

Few cities in the world can claim an influence on fashion design like Milan. A hub for all things couture, SOMA traveled to this northern Italian Cittá to discover what inspires Milanese designers during their day-to-day travels.

1 Why is design important?
2 What is your favorite trend in design today?
3 If you could redesign any object, what would it be?
4 Who is your favorite designer?
5 What do you find truly beautiful?

Marzia Fossati, Fashion editor
1 Design is research and beauty mixed together
2 I don’t like the word trend… I just fall in love with some objects
3 If I could I would redesign the whole story of Princess Mononoke by Miyazaki
4 Basso&Brooke ASSO
5 People’s energy and the Sunday market

Marcelo Burlon, Fashion editor
1 Design makes our lives more interesting and fun
2 There’s not a favorite trend for me
3 I would like to change the “Cartelli Stradal”
4 My best friend Riccardo Tisci, Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester, and Rick Owens
5 Flowers

Marco Velardi, Art director
1 Useful design is important
2 I don’t like trends
3 My dance moves
4 Max Lamb, he’s one of the best people I have ever met
5 Plants

Selva Barnl, Editor
1 To make our lives easier and more beautiful…especially if it balances form and function with ecology
2 Achieving the maximum with the minimum
3 The egg-holder
4 Nature
5 Intriguing little defects… after all, it is imperfection that moves this world

Giulia Rebora, Stylist/ Image consultant
1 Because design is instinct and creativity molded in concreteness
2 What I like today is a mix and match of different trends
3 Shoes
4 Antonio Marras
5 Smiles

Paolo Giacomazzi, Interior designer
1 Because design is the answer to curiosity
2 Good design doesn’t have to be a trend
3 The lamp
4 Enzo Mari
5 Love

Silvia Canavese, Fashion designer
1 Because creativity helps people express themselves and evolve
2 Everything that strikes my fancy
3 The hat
4 Me, myself and I…
5 Life, love, and the color pink

Produced & Photographed by Max Granato