Street Pulse: NEW YORK CITY

1. Do you use an iPhone or an Android?
2. How often would you say you check it?
3. Do you use your phone as a camera and if so do you Instagram?
4. When you take pictures with your phone, what kinds of things are you taking pictures of?
5. If someone were to take your phone away from you for a day would you freak out or be relieved?

Photography by Jena Cumbo

Anjelica Triolla
1. iPhone
2. Constantly
3. Yes and yes
4. Friends, places & food
5. Freak out

Malcom Brown
1. iPhone 

2. Constantly, it’s not healthy 

3. Yes and yes

4. People, patterns, & places but NEVER my food

5. Freaked out at first, but then probably relieved

Ahra Cho

1. iPhone

2. More than I should

3. Yes, Instagram only before Facebook’s buyout
4. Quirky things and inspiring things
5. It depends, sometimes I like to be without it

1. Android
2. More than 20 times a day

3. Yes, but no instagraming
4. Dogs!

5. Freak out!

Ryan Collier
1. iPhone

2. A lot
3. Yes, but no instagraming

4. Anything interesting
5. Relieved

Emese Tot
1. iPhone
2. At least 10 times a day
3. Yes, but no Instagram
4. Crazy things and oddities
5. If a work day totally crazed, if not then relieved

1. Android 

2. ‘High double digits’ per day

3. Yes and yes

4. Landscapes and my cat

5. First freak out, then be relieved