Street Pulse: New York City

1. What is your favorite thing that you are wearing?
2. What is your favorite place to shop in NYC?
3. If you could go to any of the events or fashion shows at NYC fashion week, what would you like to go to?
4. What, in your opinion, is the best article of clothing to splurge on?
5. Pick one word or phrase that best describes your style.

Photography by Jena Cumbo

Matt Grey
1. My news delivery bag
2. The Bins – A goodwill store in LIC
3. Not interested
4. A good pair of pants
5. Geriatric

Lydia Gammill
1. My Walker family reunion T-shirt
2. No Relation and Monk Vintage
3. Not interested
4. Kimonos
5. Eclectic

Jack Raymond
1. My American Apparel tank
2. The Goodwill
in Hell’s Kitchen
3. The Marc Jacobs Show
4. Shoes
5. Weird

Julia Williams
1. My shorts
2. Salvation Army
3. The Diane von Furstenberg Show
4. A good fitting pair of pants
5. Goofy

Alex Lago
1. My boots
2. Pac-Sun
3. Would prefer to be IN a show, specifically for Kenneth Cole
4. Not a splurger
5. Constantly changing

Jae Shin
1. My skirt
2. Vintage Shops
3. Would love to go to the Alexander Wang show
4. Dresses
5. Bright

Jac Martinez
1. My Sam Edelman boots
2. Beacon’s Closet
3. A couture runway show
4. Shoes
5. ‘Coast to Coast’


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