1. What are you currently most interested in or obsessed with? 2. In a word or phrase, describe what Occupy Wall Street means to you. 3. What action would you like to see the US government take to improve the nation’s economy? 4. Where do you see yourself in five years? 5. Who do you idolize?

Tracy Barnhill
1. PETA and animal rights 2. Youth and rebellion in an orderly and respectful way 3. Forgive all student loans 4. Having a child 5. My grandparents in Arkansas for the way they’ve lived their lives

1. Love and unity 2. Overhauling the system 3. Get rid of money and the economy 4. Living together with everyone in happiness 5. Gandhi

Eli Smith
1. American folk music 2. Economic democracy 3. End wars, universalize health care and reform finance 4. Occupying Wall Street still if needed 5. Joe Hill — songwriter and label organizer

Maxime Couture
1. What’s next and student conditions 2. Interests of the common people being voice 3. More workers’ rights 4. No idea 5. Good Samaritans everywhere

Ann Wei
1. Talking to Occupy Wall Street participators 2. To even out taxation 3. Lower unemployment rates 4. Back in China 5. Wei Li Gang — a Chinese artist

Johnny Marr
1. Music, booze and September girls2. Not sure 3. Burn down the house4. Dead or alive 5. Dan Treacy — singer/song-writer for television personalities

Lucas Chute
1. Healing of self and others 2. Viva la evolution of human consciousness 3. More public works projects for the arts 4. Teaching sustainable community techniques to live with the earth 5. Jesus

Meg Atronics
1. Barely legal boys found at Occupy Wall Street 2. Love and light 3. Relocate to Outer Space 4. Married to Johnny Marr 5. Mary Magdalene

1. People, love and friendliness 2. Compassionate and revolutionary 3. Stop funding wars 4. Studying to become an art teacher 5. Lawerence — a fellow OWS participant

Tamber Hepner
1. Getting people talking 2. Solidarity 3. Adjust the corporate tax 4. Working as a Special Ed. teacher while working on a doctorate in School Psychology 5. I don’t have any idols

Mickey Smith
1. Occupying Wall Street 2. An empowerment of the people’s voice over corporations 3. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and regulate Wall Street 4. Promoting change 5. Michael Moore

Sallie Mayhem
1. Student loan reform 2. A call for student loan reform and debt forgiveness 3. Govern private student loan lenders 4. To go into the Airforce 5. Robert Applebaum — a student loan reformer