Street Pulse: Oslo, Norway

Oslo might not be Europe’s largest metropolis, but then again, that’s part of its charm. For the Travel issue, SOMA trekked over the green hills and open skylines that surround Norway’s capital to find some of the hidden secrets of the “City of Tigers.” 1. Where do you go to find yourself? 2. What do you like most about Oslo? 3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what three things would you bring with you? 4. What is the best kept secret of Oslo? Photographs by Corey Arnold

Hanne Backe-Hansen, 25, Music student
1. Usually in a bar around 2:15 a.m. after several green drinks. 2. The cold people who are actually warm. 3. San Francisco; three Mamas and Papas CDs. 4. That Lyn is better than Vålerenga (the two Oslo soccer clubs).

Lucas Pernin, 26, Barista
1. Silence. 2. Small cafes. 3. Nowhere; three memories of past times. 4. National Gallery Cafe.

Maria Hagen, 24, Hairdresser
1. The gym. 2. Summer, weather, drinks, parks, and all the people having fun. 3. Sydney; bathing suit, Visa card, iron. 4. Summer music festivals.

Heidi Røneid, 23, Architectural Model maker
1. I go to the river (Akerselva) to feed the birds. It totally relaxes me and I can forget about all the everyday stress. 2. I love that it is so small that you can walk to everything, and all the really old public buildings. 3. This little island in Fiji run by a Hawaiian woman for surfers. There are no tourists there and the atmosphere is so relaxing! I would bring a book, a hammock and a hat. 4. Hausmania, an occupied building where loads of artists work and live. They have the best vegan restaurant, Black Eyed Bean.

Martin Boldstad, 29, DJ
1. At Parkteatret Cafe at Olav Ryes Square or among thousands of rabbits on Gressholmen island in the Oslo fjord. 2. Cross-country skiing in Nordmarka, partying in Youngstorget, and Norwegian people’s sophisticated taste of music. 3. The View, an old beautiful hotel in Meråker. I’d bring my iPod, the book Conversations with Arne Naess (Norwegian philosopher), and a gift for Carina Svartås (the owner of the hotel and probably Scandinavia’s funniest girl). 4. Philosopher Jean Claude`s office in St. Hanshaugen; you can get a one-hour philosophy instruction for the price of 50 kroner (about 7 dollars).

Baard Barstein, 22, Photography student
1. A cafe, pub or bar at night. Walking the streets during the day. 2. The intimacy and calmness. 3. I would go to Prague, Berlin or New York; iPod, guitar, and camera. 4. The “hidden” patches of grass just about big enough to sit on with friends, a small stereo and a crate of beer.

Lotta Elstad, 23, Student and Journalist
1. In front of the T.V. 2. The buildings. 3. Italy; Pen, paper and Madonna’s Immaculate Collection.
4. The buildings were designed by bureaucrats and not architects.