Street Pulse: SF Marina

1. Describe your style in two words?
2. Which San Francisco neighborhood do you find the most stylish?
3. Who is your favorite style icon?
4. Tom Ford vs. Marc Jacobs?
5. What is your biggest fashion regret?

Photography by Aric Yeakey

Summer, 28
1. Dynamic and Practical
2. Upper Haight
3. Kate Moss
4. Tom Ford
5. Getting a practical degree instead of going to fashion school

Bryson, 28
1. Simple and Classic
2. Financial District and the Mission
3. The Rat Pack
4. Tom Ford
5. Huge, oversized button-ups

Ashley, 22
1. Eclectic and Free
2. Polk Street
3. Chloë Sevigny and Sienna Miller
4. Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford
5. Purple Dickie’s overalls, purple T-shirt and heeled Vans

Matt, 30
1. Southern Gentleman
2. Mission
3. Michael Kane
4. Tom Ford
5. I didn’t come into my own style until my late 20’s

Alyssa, 21
1. Bohemian Twist
2. Haight
3. Olsen twins
4. Marc Jacobs
5. No regrets

Chris, 32
1. Urban Preppy
2. Downtown
3. Myself
4. Tom Ford
5. Black patent leather shoes


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