Strike a Pose

After a year of success, SOMA is proud of its tradition of creating stylistic imagery through iconic themes. In this issue, SOMA readers again posed in homage to their favorite icons. These young creative San Franciscans offered their own portrayals of these inspiring legends.

Photographs by Christian Conti
Styling by Jessica Margolis

Soma _ Icons0365 1

Model Rachel Trachtenberg at Elite poses as Penelope Tree
Penelope Tree is known for her unique beauty which was captured on covers of many magazines. I totally relate to her unique look and admire her. She was a strong force in inspiring the swinging 60s and young American females. Michael Kors top and shorts, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet

Soma _ Icons0379New

Model Akuol de Mabior at Muse, poses as Alek Wek
It’s super special for me to pose as Alek Wek. A girl that is one of nine children in a family in Sudan trying to escape a civil war to being named model of the year by MTV is pretty cool. She will forever be legendary since she was the first African American to appear on the cover of ELLE. Inspirational. Akuol wears Vickey Tiel Couture vintage gold dress, Michael Kors black pumps, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet

Soma _ Icons0763post

Model Loli at Wilhelmina poses as Boy George
Boy George is famous for being part of the New Romanticism movement of the ‘80s. It’s fun to pose as him and channel his unique style and outrageous makeup.Loli wears vintage tee and hat from Screaming Mimi’s in New York City, Thomas Wylde blue fur vest

Soma _ Icons1000087

Model Amber Mitchell poses as Sophia Loren
Sopia Loren is a classic beauty. It’s so cool to get all dolled up to transform into the legendary Italian actress and song writer. She is considered an international film star for over 30 years of work as well as one of the sexiest women of all time. Amber wears white gloves and pearls from Screaming Mimi’s in New York City,
Kiki De Montparnasse bustier, American Apparel underwear, Wolfard garter belt and tights.

Soma _ Icons1000439

Model Valentina Oleinikova at Muse poses as David Bowie
To pose like megastar David Bowie was an amazing experience. To showcase the unique fashion and makeup style of a major figure in popular music for over four decades is very cool. Valentina wears vintage Balmain jacket

Soma _ Icons1000513

Model Dorian poses as Terence Trent D’arby
I had a great time transforming into Terrence Trent D’arby. To get on set to dance and perform was a lot of fun. Always cool to dress as a famous singer-songwriter. Dorian wears Phillip Lim pants and boots, vintage white hair coat from Armacord. Lazaro Soho cross necklace, Selima hat

Soma _ IconsApr 26 2013 3

Model at Valentina Oleinikova at Muse poses as Twiggy.
It’s super fun to channel the famous and beautiful Twiggy, one of the most known and iconic models. Sitting in the makeup chair re-creating her legendary eye makeup was a special experience. Michael Kors dress



Photo Assistants: Valentina Freghetti, Christian De Massis
Makeup: Roberto Morelli at LinkNYLA for NARS
Hair: Andrea Wilson at Ford Artists NY
Manicurist: Jerry Holford at Rona Represents NY