The New Speed Racer

Fiat 500 designed by Diesel

Text by Hillary Latos

Bringing back the retro look of the ’70s, the new Fiat 500 by Diesel is proof that style has some substance. A one-off collabora-tion between two iconic Italian brands, the Cinquecento by Diesel is a limited-edition car (only 10,000 models are being produced), that is sure to become a collector’s item.

The aim of the project was to create an “urban survival vehicle” that is smart and cheeky but with a dark side. The stylish result features low fuel consumption, a strong personality and is available in black, green or bronze. Sporty yet subtle, the 500 by Diesel is touched with details that capture the essence of the cult brand. Diesel’s famous Mohican logo is emblazoned on the 16-inch alloy hubcaps and hood. In addition, the brake callipers (of the 1.4 litre 100 bhp model) are painted bright yellow. Chrome fenders and body trim feature rivet detailing. The Diesel logo appears again on the rear decal where the characteristic five air intake cooling system of the classic Fiat 500 has been reproduced.

Inside the car, the seats and steering wheel are upholstered in denim with yellow stitching to mimic the look of Diesel’s iconic jeans. The Mohican logo stands out against a yellow background on top of the gearstick, while the “fifth pocket” from their jeans is stitched onto the sides of the front seats. And in the doorwell you’ll find the famous “For Successful Living” claim.
The 500 by Diesel is available in three configurations: the 1.2 litre 69 bhp, the 1.3 litre Multijet 75 bhp turbo diesel, and the 1.4 litre 16v engine delivering 100 bhp. All have five-to-six speed mechanical gears, although the petrol engine can be combined with Fiat’s DuaLogic robotized clutch-free gearbox.

Available in Europe & Japan as of November with prices starting at 15,000€