AVA Catherside is a London-based, ready-to-wear womenswear and menswear experimental label created by Anna Gloria Flores and Veronica Todisco and established earlier this year. The creative duo’s minimalistic designs reflect clean lines, edgy shapes, and androgyny.

AVA womenswear from the SS12 collection recalls the robust definition that is often associated with menswear, and yet the way in which each piece drapes over the female silhouette reveals a subdued feminine sentiment. The way in which the fabric interacts with the human body is yet another alluring dimension of AVA Catherside’s clothing.
Furthermore, geometrical figures are cut out in certain pieces, thereby drawing attention to the negative spaces that are thus created and illuminated. This subtle play on dimensions and genders begs passersby to take a closer look upon viewing the clothes: “The garments are developed as a natural extension of the interaction between nudity and geometric shadows.”
The A3 collection introduces menswear to the series. It also employs a mesh-like quality in its garments while still evoking the same sentiments that were created in the SS12 collection.
In addition to the clothing’s mysterious aesthetic and brilliant design, each item is made out of Alcantara®. This material was created by Japanese scientist Miyoshi Okamoto about 40 years ago and is TUV-certified as being 100% carbon neutral and safe for the environment.
Finally, “AVA Catherside gives each item a highly individual design, starting from the pattern of an extra large tee-shirt.” The clothing is a statement in response to the concern about the constantly evolving, highly technological society of today. Stripped down to only the basics, each item redefines aestheticism as it draws attention to what the designers behind the label identify as the most necessary and significant elements. avacatherside.com

TEXT BY Shilpika Lahri
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Tatiana Leshkina


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