When not creating identities and icons for companies like IBM, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Google, San Francisco-based design firm Office gets crafty with a yearly art print, released around the holiday season.
This year’s edition features a stag head rendered in a geometric lace pattern. Mount it above a fireplace, real or faux, for a stylish (and vegan) alternative to taxidermy.
Previous years’ prints featured similar woodland creatures, bedecked in color-popped geometric patterns and details like foil stamping and embossing. The prints reflect the distinctive style that has won the firm accolades for packaging redesigns for brands such as Fanta or eBay, or iconography for IBM. They’re graphic, with a distinctive illustrative style, and a hint of irreverence, a wink that makes them whimsical. The prints could become an extra-elevated, oversized holiday greeting card for graphic design aficionados or a gift for any season that is distinctly local—each one is designed and produced right in San Francisco’s Mission district, where Office is located.
In 2008, Office also produced a series of prints and pirate product packaging for 826 Valencia, the children’s literacy non-profit co-founded by Dave Eggers. Proceeds from the sale of the cheeky prints and products (products include pirate essentials such as Beard Extensions and Peg Leg Oil) all go to supporting 826’s literacy programs.
The limited-edition holiday prints are $35 apiece and come in a glassine envelope with a card—making a gift of local art a veritable steal this holiday season.

TEXT BY Joscelin Cooper


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