“Ceramics is my language” – Anna Yuh Krengel, San Francisco artist and Central Saint Martins graduate explains as she takes us through her innovative work for AYK in jewelry ceramic design.

AYK Ceramics constructs its collections with detailed handcrafted designs that are a translation of relics that were once created by influential ancient power women. The “MUSE”-inspired collections have stories behind them surrounded by cultural artifacts, catacombs, ceremonies in ancient rituals, gemstones in skeletons, bones, and are essentially interpretations of historical intriguing craftsmanship in relics.

AYK designs statement pieces with unique personality. While making everything with natural materials such as porcelain, clay, and stoneware, Anna uses these elements based on their qualities to hold color and their ability to be used with modern glass gemstones while adding chic rose gold chains and details for a sophisticated touch.

Potentiana Hammerl inspires her latest collection “Potentiana”; named after the outstanding Roman crafter who devoted her life to adorn skeletons and ribcages with precious stones while celebrating beauty, glory and the unknown. The interesting hand-carved ceramic accessories have a beautiful Middle Eastern inspired color pallet, which is hand-painted and kiln fired five times,  then delicately assembled with red and blue glass components.


Her innovative work in ceramic design explores assumptions about the material, a perspective that produces delightful and oftentimes surprising results. Anna has chosen to design after the muses who had a powerful sense of dedication to their passions, and who were in pursuit of something greater than themselves. “These women lived life before my time; it’s so much easier to be an independent woman today, but during their lifetime it was much more of a struggle, yet they stayed true to themselves and powered through” explains Anna.

“I interpret design based on the intangible, like a sound or an emotion.” Her ceramics evolve contemporarily while creating bold,  and yet feminine statement pieces that become accents of art in fashion with a strong identity that represents a vision of  whomever is wearing it. It’s an expression of identity of self.

AYK ceramics fosters a language between people about individuality and educated forward thinking perspectives with creative progression with the adorned intricate designs are timeless accessories with unique energy and personality.

text by Joa Bohorquez