When we talk about design with purpose we talk about D’Clic. A cutting edge Fashion Company founded by San Francisco-based, French designer and entrepreneur Martial Yapo; a former partner of the iconic wine bar “Amelié” and creative mind of D’clic.

The designer developed his skills while attending architectural school in northern France during his 20’s; during this time, Martial was competing as a national athlete representing France, which allowed him to travel around the world. As being on airplanes constantly was part of his life, the designer grew a special interest in airplane buckles and belts. He then decided to transform them into staple urbanwear pieces while using them in a variety of garments that would become the beginning of D’clic.

The made in USA brand makes a bold statement by using functional, durable and stylish materials. Architectural shapes come together with techniques like deconstruction of everyday objects: take a shopping bag for instance, the ingenious designer has the ability to take simple items, rip them down into parts and put them back together into sophisticated morphological designs.

The beginning of this fashion brand was modeled by a basic airplane seatbelt. Simple airplane belts turned into lighter, thinner belts that have now transcended into a high-end version of leather accessories.

Each leather belt is branded through metal press by hand with the numbers 76000 and 94115, indicating the zip codes of Yapo’s hometown: Rouen in northern France, and San Francisco; his current city.

The artisanal brand goes back to crafting while using complicated folding techniques and careful stitching to give life to contemporary statement pieces.

Seeing things not for what they are but what they could be, and reflecting his architectural background, Martial is the engineer of innovative designs made with bold lines that construct asymmetric and geometric shapes with unrestrictive style.


Everyday objects become art and art becomes wearable with D’clic. A conceptual brand with edgy-chic; street-style that inspires the senses through quality, texture, design and comfort.

Martial works to create fashions with durable materials made with leather, nylon and traditional denim with a fresh clean cut while using traditional colors such as wood tones, wood timber tones, black and rich reds combined with the metallic colors of the buckles. Creating a harmonious combination of epic
elements together into sharp modern ideas.

This brand will continue to offer character in urban wear as it evolves with its exciting pieces that don’t pay attention to trends but are rather an expression of a soul. As Martial Yapo says, “A creator should not betray himself, creators should be true art, the true fruit of creation of spirit and soul”.

text by Joa Bohorquez