Veronika Chrysagi

Veronika Chrysagi styled Irene Yilin’s collection, a fellow Polimoda fashion design student. She worked alongside photographer, Irene Montini. Born and raised in Greece, where she studied communication, Chrysagi had the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and ideas, and therefore has been pushed to be open to accepting diversity. “Following the advice of professionals that have established themselves in the creative industry, I keep my options open and I hope to bridge my interest in digital creations and styling with my expression through writing in order to reach a high level of creative communication in an agency that focuses on creative consultancy.” While studying at Polimoda, Chrysagi has allowed herself to experiment through the game of image-making. “My dream is to keep challenging myself, transforming creative ideas through passionate restlessness,” says Chrysagi.

Text Keanan Duffty
Photographer Irene Montini
Stylist Veronika Chrysagi
Makeup Artist Camilla Cantini
Concept Veronika Chrysagi, Irene Montini
Designer Yilin Ying
Model Marta Poli


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