Keurig Rivo


Caffeine addicts and occasional brew-sippers alike rejoice in what has recently joined the appliance world as a home-brewing game changer. What’s Italian for revolutionary? Rivoluzionario, or Rivo®, the appropriately named newest brewer from Keurig® offers limitless opportunities to craft coffee house quality espresso beverages at home, all at the touch of a button.

Keurig’s® famous simplicity means the Rivo® Cappuccino & Latte System’s design has a sharp, minimalist aesthetic in mind, and offers just five buttons to pursue inexhaustible avenues to pure java bliss. Authentic Italian espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and flawlessly foamed milk can fill the walls of your favorite coffee mug from the comfort of your own kitchen. As if the three frothing modes, hot or cold beverage options, two espresso sizes and a brewing time of under a minute weren’t enough to have coffee chains everywhere shaking in their boots, the Rivo® packs, developed exclusively by Italy’s favorite coffee roaster, Lavazza, are individually portioned cups of espresso grounds made exclusively for the Rivo® system. They offer four varieties of blends, and average under $1 per pack. That’s a pretty sizable difference when considering the steadfast loyalty so many of us exhibit for establishments charging about five times that amount for an albeit delectable coffee product while foregoing the comfort of our bathrobe.
The dishwasher-safe components of the Rivo® set practical standards for maintenance and usability, even on the earliest of mornings when it’s a daunting task just to locate a clean mug.

For those of us lured in by the seemingly irreplaceable sensation of sliding that cardboard sleeve over a crisp, paper cup while smelling the steamy aroma of your favorite coffee house blend, Keurig’s reputation for quality and Rivo’s capacity for effortlessly brewing superior espresso beverages at a fraction of the cost might just be enough to tempt any devoted coffee connoisseur into giving it a shot—pun intended.

Text by Jennifer Richardson