Ombo Umbrella Stand


It might strike most people as unusual to see an umbrella stand gracing the entryway of a home buried in the middle of the Atacama Desert unless, of course, it possessed the refinement and unique allure of an Ombo Umbrella Stand.

Uncommon materials and unusual design adorn this product serving the simple function of containing soggy umbrellas of visiting guests. The Ombo is Italian-made and available to all climates, wet or dry, from Compar Mobili. Its core is constructed of enduring black lacquered steel and jacketed in a thick layer of smooth leather that is available in a multitude of bold colors and contrasting stitching options suitable to complement any setting and reflect its owners taste.

Ombo’s thoughtfully simple design strikes an ideal balance between form and function. With sleek modernism and quality among its most obvious attributes, the Ombo takes a stand against all unnecessarily humdrum and yawn-inducing products intended to hold umbrellas when out of use.
Those who admire products that don’t operate under any delusions of being more than what they are, in this case an umbrella container, will enjoy the quiet sophistication of the Ombo.

Text by JenniFer Richardson