L. Delivers


The act of buying condoms has long been seen as awkward but necessary. Just the mention of it makes most people think of overwhelmed teens in a pharmacy aisle, grabbing the least intimidating – or the cheapest – package so they can get back to whatever they were doing beforehand. Talia Frenkel, founder of L., thought it’s time to stop feeling awkward about safe sex and start making a change globally as well as locally.

Frenkel founded L. after working as a photographer with the Red Cross and seeing areas of Africa where AIDS and HIV continue to affect huge portions of the population. Being around the turmoil these viruses cause impacted Frenkel immensely, and when she returned to the States she decided to keep working to stop this destructive disease. She founded L. to create a market for sustainably made condoms, along with a delivery service that delivers condoms in an hour. This service, currently only available in San Francisco and L.A., is fast, discreet and affordable. L. has even partnered with non-profits and for every condom bought, one is donated to a high-impact area with high rates of HIV and AIDS, and little access to protection.

L. embraces the fun side of safe sex as well, and wants to change the attitude and awkwardness of buying contraceptives. They offer monthly subscriptions for college students and encourage them to sign up their house, building, or dorm so that everyone will be provided for. On Valentine’s Day, condoms could be ordered to arrive with flowers, and the website is filled with photos of people posed holding their L. condoms and signs urging us all to make love safely. This is a service and a company that knows how to address global issues from all sides and present a fun, effective solution to a big problem.

Each box of twelve condoms costs fifteen dollars, with a flat rate delivery
of five, but L. can also be found in pharmacies for those who don’t want to wait. The condoms come in a variety of sizes, textures and flavors. L. is a B Certified Company and is approved by Green America, a group that highlights businesses that operate with sustainable practices.

No matter who or where you are, L. and Frenkel believe everyone deserves to enjoy sex and have it safely. As their slogan says, L. is a company that wants people to have “earth changing sex” and their mission is to make sure that happens safely.