There’s a certain emotion that can only be brought out by look- ing through old family photo albums or watching pictures and movies projected onto a screen. It’s a warm and sentimental feeling that isn’t quite achieved by flipping through Facebook albums. However, with the digital age in full swing it seems like those days of gathering around in the living room to share memories have almost been lost. Lost until now. Introducing Projecteo, a product that takes the convenience and quality of modern era pictures and fuses it with the good old days when sharing photographs was an occasion to be treasured.

Projecteo is a film projector so tiny it can be held in the palm of your hand. It is much more convenient than its predecessors, which were a pain to put together and cart around and were sure to be the cause of some unwarranted swearing or family feuds. Sharing memories should be easy and fun. Projecteo is portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go and show it to whomever you like without the hassle of a vintage projec- tor but still maintaining the vintage feel. Projecteo takes photos straight off of Instagram and converts them into a 35mm Kodak film reel with nine photos. Log onto or connect through Instagram, select the pictures you’d like and just like that, you’re done! This is way quicker than running up to the attic and setting up the old family projector.

Projecteo began as a Kickstarter idea created by Ben Red- ford in 2012 and from there it really took off and gained mass appeal. Its trendy vintage design is now available for purchase for only $34.98 including free standard shipping worldwide and one wheel of slides along with the mini projector. If a wheel of nine pictures just isn’t enough, all you need to do is click the
“add more wheels” option. There’s something magical about holding images up to a light, guessing and anticipating what the actual photo might be, all the while building suspense. Projec- teo would make a perfect gift for anyone. Just find photos that remind you of that person and create a personalized gift that they’ll never forget, or keep it for yourself to whip out at parties and events. This product is like a trip back in time and a window to the future all rolled into one. Projecteo is a product that puts the magic of nostalgia and the convenience of modern-day tech- nology in the palm of your hand.

Text by Tess Collins