NYC: May

1. Where do you draw your personal style inspiration from?
2. Who is your favorite style icon?
3. What’s your favorite trend of the moment?
4. What current trend would you like to see go away or name a trend from the past you would hate to see make a return.
5. What item should be a staple or must-have in everyone’s wardrobe?

Kwesi Abbensetts
1. It’s a mash-up of West Indian influences mixed with NYC and whatever my mood happens to be
2. None 3. Turbans on women 4. Polyester
5. A great pair of shoes

Olivia Lopez
1. Vintage musings, very into the ’60s and
’70s and the editorials of the ’80s 2. Mira Duma
3. Pastels 4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes
5. Leather leggings

Noelle Lamb
1. Very mood-influenced, and colors 2. Olivia Palermo 3. All of the gem tones for fall
4. The ‘Western’ look
5. Skinny jeans

David Yi
1. From traveling and mashing influences all together 2. Kate Lanphear 3. Sheer and
sexiness 4. Clogs 5. For men a tux, and for women an LBD and a little red dress

Dana Hurwitz
1. Iris Apfel, the textile tycoon 2. Marlene Dietrich 3. Wannabe punks wearing Doc Martens
4. UGG Boots 5. Furs and feathers—outerwear with drama

Justin Livingston
1. Sweden’s minimal style
2. Lapo Elkann
3. Lace brocade
4. Clogs
5. Brogue shoes,
for men and women

Photography by Jena Cumbo