SF, Marina District: Nov 2010

Now that we have seen the answers from the kids of the Mission District, let’s hear what the neighborhood on the bay has to say…

1. How long have you lived here?
2. Where are you from originally?
3. What is your opinion of the Mission?
4. What is your opinion of the Marina?

Ann, 28

1. Four months
2. The Peninsula area
3. I love the mom and pop shops and Dolores Park
4. The Marina is very dog-friendly and Crissy Field is great

Sean, 37

1. Nine years
2. Southern California
3. I like the Mission but can only handle it a couple nights a month
4. It’s clean, safe and relatively fun

Eloisa, 34

1. On and off my whole life
2. Here
3. I like it a lot and it’s not as gritty as it used to be
4. I like the fact that it is close to the water and you don’t need  a gym to excercise

Justin, 30

1. One year
2. Ohio
3. I drive through sometimes and there are always a good conversation pieces based on what I see
4. I love the view of the water and it’s the only hood that’s as flat as Ohio

Ellen, 28

1. Two years
2. North Beach
3. The Mission has good Mexican food, furniture shopping, and is more diverse than the Marina
4. I really like being close to the Presidio and the fact it is an easy escape from the city

Niels, 23

1. Four months
2. Scottsdale
3. There’s more culture, but I feel judged and dress a bit differently when I go up there
4. I like the young nightlife, yoga pants and good food

Emily, 25

1. One year
2. Sacramento
3. The Mission is full of culture and has more artists
4. I like the fact that there is a nice age range and younger scene here

Photography by Jen Siska
Production by Alexis Johnson