SF, Mission District: Nov 2010

San Francisco—The “City by the Bay” has always been home to a cast of characters — yuppies, hippies, socialites and vagabonds parade the streets in a modern day mix of a metropolitan medley. Comparisons are made between districts in every city, but in SF, the Mission and Marina are often cited as two of the most contrasting. SOMA took to the streets to hear what the haters, fans and locals had to say about each other.

1. How long have you lived here?
2. Where are you from originally?
3. What is your opinion of the Mission?
4. What is your opinion of the Marina?

Christina, 26

1. Four years
2. Half Moon Bay
3. The sunshine, friends and quesadillas
4. Polo shirts and mini skirts, hair highlights and drunk bar fights

Jesse, 24

1. 24 years
2. Here
3. The diversity
4. I don’t have anything against it but I stay local

Zachary, 25

1. Three months
2. Seattle
3. The hunks, coffee, groceries, and its eclectic and weird bubble of kids
4. Where’s the Marina again? I’ve never been, I’ve heard boooo Marina

Nate, 32

1. 11 years
2. Boston
3. The gentrification used to upset me, but now I feel like it’s fighting a glacier
4. Used to remind me of people I hated in high school, but now I know there are assholes in every neighborhood

Sharif, 34

1. Five years
2. San Mateo
3. The culture, people, and the fact that it’s a bit cheaper
4. It’s been the same forever

Amanda, 30

1. Nine years
2. Connecticut
3. It’s beautiful and warm, a good place to ride bikes and coffee and pupusas….oh yeah, and Aquarius Records
4. I went there to get my nails done and couldn’t find a good deal

Mariele, 23
1. Two years
2. Missoula, Montana
3. The Latin markets, Thrift Town, cheap produce, easy biking, and the laid back creative people
4. I’ve never been, maybe if I had a sailboat I would check it out

Photography by Jen Siska
Production by Alexis Johnson