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The DJ elite are going to Denmark for the lightweight headphones by Studio A/S. AIAIAI headphones are sported on tour by producers from labels like Fool’s Gold, Ghostly International, Infiné Records, Kitsuné, Native Instruments and Teenage Engineering. The audio designers recently opened “the world’s smallest flagship store” in Copenhagen, which sells headphones, earphones, accessories and music.

A stroll through Copenhagen could take you down some picturesque downtown streets past Studiestræde 31, the location of the most compact record shop in the city, Studio A. There you will peruse through a plethora of Scandinavian DJ equipment, as well as gadgets and gear, t-shirts and vinyl from their partners. (Unless, that is, you walk by on Sunday, when the store is closed.)

Founded in 1997, Studio A/S is more than just a purveyor of high quality headphones with crisp, clear audio. They remain one of the only production houses in Copenhagen. The 30 employees at Studio A/S are responsible for the Folketing 24-hour TV channel, and produce TV2’s Good Morning and Good Evening Denmark in the studio at the Central Station in Copenhagen.

The production company became involved in EDM because they offer a local equipment rental, installation design and post production services—all vital for planning raves and music festivals. Copenhagen is already a vibrant hotspot in the electronic music scene, fostered by close ties with Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

According to Fool’s Gold Records co-founder A-Trak in an interview with AIAIAI, “Sound quality is most important for DJ headphones.” He continued, “They have to be pretty loud to be usable in clubs. It’s important for the entire frequency range to be audible in all types of settings too: you want to hear the bass thump, the warmth of the mids, the shine of the top end…” He trailed off, then threw in, “And also, it’s cool when they look good!”

His co-founder Catchdubs picked up the thought: “As a traveling DJ, durability will always be paramount. It’s equally if not more important than the actual sound quality.” He elaborated with, “You also want them to look right—the same way I wouldn’t wear a wack t-shirt on stage, I wouldn’t rock some goofy space headphones either.”

A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs can use whatever headphones they want when they produce music. But they wear TMA-1’s. And the label has partnered with AIAIAI to sell special edition Fool’s Gold TMA-1 DJ Headphones since 2011. The custom design is slightly re-engineered to their preferences, which include an elbow shaped jack, a cable lock on the ear cup, and of course, the Fool’s Gold logo.

These feats of Scandinavian engineering have a 3mm cottonfiber filter to isolate sound, and 400mm closed titanium drivers with neodymium magnets for more powerful audio. Reviewers remark on their ability to play loud music without disturbing people around the listener, or having to listen to them in the background.

But none of that even matters, unless the headphones also make you look good. EDM stars such like Boys Noize, Claude Von Stroke, Hot Chip, James Murphy and Tiga have all been spotted wearing TMA-1 DJ Headphones’ clean lines and stylish designs. If you’re tired of the same old black and white, they also come in shades of mustard, lime, lavender, tangerine, marine, red, white and blue.

You don’t have to fly to Denmark or be a famous DJ to get your hands on a pair of AIAIAI’s.

To shop their latest collection, visit AIAIAI’s website:

Text by Elizabeth De Moya