Olivia Lopez: Lust for Life

Olivia Lopez shot 1

Determining the purpose of one’s own existence brings one to a state of perplexity. Whether it is measured by fate, by calculated steps, or just by chance is unknown but it is this incessant questioning and search for answers that has led Olivia Lopez to become the celebrated Lust for Life blogger many know her as, in addition to stylist and creative director for indie publication L.A. Canvas. In her meanderings, she has maintained the same wild spirit, and through her boredom, curiosity and hunger for more, she has forged her own path and propelled herself forward, plunging headfirst into well-considered risks to achieve her passions.

By the time she was in 5th grade, she launched a number of websites utilizing blogging as a creative outlet, and went on to intern for OC Weekly and edit for the school paper. When she began posting thrift store outfits on Myspace, her creative style (and needless to say, high cheekbones prominently cresting over a fiercely adorable pout) garnered the attention of contemporary fashion moguls including Nasty Gal, American Apparel, and Hellz Bellz. From there she embarked on her modeling career.

With media as an unwavering component of her existence, Lopez describes the evolution of Lust for Life as organic, and by the time she reached her first year of college, she was overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities the channel revealed. Forced to choose between attending trade and fashion shows or attending classes, she opted to take a chance, opening her to a world of entrepreneurship and a lifestyle many only dream of, though it wasn’t easy to secure the confidence she needed to take a break from school. Accordingly, her current influences are Elin Kling and Sophia Amoruso’s incredible success story as a Fortune 500 outlier.

The appeal of blogs, she divulges, are the approachable, inviting, and relatable voices behind them. As an avid reader herself, she seeks out fresh, genuine points of view and great visuals. Branded for her natural sense of bravura elegance and ability to refine any look, Lopez describes her own aesthetic as timeless with an edge. Mastering a plethora of ensembles including casual grunge, island resort, and day-to-night, she juxtaposes soft silhouettes and muted colors with moto details and a penchant for leather. Paired with her effortlessly cool demeanor is her business savvy. This year, she launched the ‘Olivia’ boot, a shoe collaboration with the brand Madison Harding, which sold out immediately and was backordered three times. Astute beyond her 21 years, and no stranger to media attention, Lopez has unsurprisingly been ranked under “Top 30 Under 30.”

Despite her seemingly flawless existence as glitterati, the job comes with its own set of deliberations. She confesses that as the skills she has picked up are unable to be measured as units and hours, she finds it difficult to convince her parents that what she is doing is meaningful. And, once in a while she regrets leaving the house without makeup when she encounters a few readers during the course of the day. However, most are surprised that her life is much more humbling than what is shown on Instagram.

Now, Lopez is delving once again into exploring what forecast her future may hold. With an insatiable desire to learn and expand, she strives for a more focused sense of direction. She states that what’s important is “a strong sense of self, a humble heart, and working with a passion and a purpose.”

Text by Jen Woo
Photography by Micheal Pagan